The Will to Observe

I was told during a lesson on flying that scanning is not the same as looking. When flying, we can take an example from the eagle. It has an eye the same size as a human eye, but each eyeball has two lenses, similar to binoculars, making the eagle’s eyesight up to eight times more powerful. It can see its prey two miles away.

The eagle is aware of its surroundings but gets intent on its object. It keeps its prey in the centre of its vision the whole time. The eagle doesn’t scan but remains focused.

We can just scan the bible, or we can look into it intently. To do so we need the will to observe. When we do that, we can see all the little things that a casual observer misses. The bible is wonderful in that it speaks to the average person at the level of their comprehension, but to the student they can plumb the endless depths of the Almighty and uncover so many hidden treasures.

Why not try cultivating a spirit of intentionality. Gems are rarely found on the surface, but a little digging brings with it great rewards.


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