DigitalReach WorkShop

The CV UK team recently hosted a workshop which aimed to equip church leaders with knowledge on how to optimise the online space to reach their community.

The DigitalReach Workshop was led by experienced and enthusiastic speakers who delved into topics that contained practical and easy to understand steps for the attendees. 

These topics included: embracing online spaces, knowing the target audience, designing content, using AI (Chat GPT), and creating a digital evangelism strategy.

The workshop had a total of 20 attendees, with some church leaders flying all the way from Ireland to participate. 

CV received encouraging feedback from attendees who said they left with new tools that would enable them to revive their online ministry – many also requested another workshop be held soon. 

Overall, the workshop was a success and provided Christian leaders with ways to generate ideas, develop skills, and create opportunities for churches to reach more of their community.

Because the workshop was a huge success, the CV UK team is planning another workshop which is scheduled for January 2024.


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