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At times, we can all use some tips and useful information on computers, software, and IT in general. This area of our website is and will be a place where we hope we can pass along some useful information.


How to article:

Clean your display

LCD (flat panel) screens:

Caution: LCD screens are easily damaged. Never push on the screen with your finger or other object. Also, never use cleaning products containing ammonia or alcohol as they can permanently damage the screen.
  1. Power down your laptop or screen. This will make it easier to see dust, spots, and smudges.
  2. Using a clean, soft "Microfiber cloth (microfiber hold the minute dust and dirt particles in suspension and helps avoid damage) or an over-the-counter LCD cleaning cloth, gently wipe off the screen from top to bottom, always wiping in the same direction. This is often all you need to do.
  3. If wiping with a dry cloth doesn’t remove all spots or smudges, lightly moisten the cloth with distilled water (better than tap water because it won’t leave mineral spots).  Wipe in one direction, using the dry part of the cloth to dry as you go to avoid leaving streaks.


This month's tip:

The Save Workspace feature in Excel

 When you're working with many Excel files that are part of the same project. When you want to save them and close them and start working on them later, it can be time-consuming to save, close, and reopen individual files. N.M. suggested using the Save Workspace feature in Excel:

  1. When you have open files that you want to save and close and then deal with later, on the File menu, click Save Workspace and give the collection of open files a common name.

     Note   After you click Save as Workspace, in the Save as type box, you'll notice that it says Workspaces.

  2. When you're ready to open the group of files, on the File menu, click Open, and then locate the name of the workspace you gave to the collection of Excel workbooks in step 1.
This tip is really handy when you're working on a project that involves many different Excel workbooks, and frankly, I don't want to keep all this fabulous Crabby merchandise to myself. So please, N.M., send me your snail-mail address and I'll shower you with my appreciation